Let PVC profile manufacturer answer profile and profile for you

2020-12-17 495

Can you distinguish PVC profiles from profiles?

I believe that many people or people who have just come into contact with aluminum profiles are always confused about profile and profile, and can't make out the difference between the two. Today, Xiaobian explained the difference between the two profiles to the silly friends.

Extrudate: it is an object with certain geometric shape made of iron or steel and materials with certain strength and durability (such as plastic, aluminum, glass fiber, etc.) through rolling, extrusion, casting and other processes.


Profiles: in addition to the commonly used profiles published by national standards, metal profiles are collectively referred to as profiles. Such as flat plate, round bar, round pipe, angle, groove, I-section and other corrugated plate, hexagon, triangular bar, oval pipe, multi prism irregular curved surface pipe, U-shaped, C-shaped profile, etc.

Generally speaking, the main difference between profile and profile is that the shape of profile is easily available for us to buy at ordinary times. The shape of different profile is relatively special and needs to be customized by die opening.

Source: PVC profile manufacturer www.zhongshanlida.cn

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