PVC profile manufacturers tell you the choice of formula

2020-12-17 395

Selection and formulation of PVC materials

In the production of SG-5 resin with low degree of polymerization, hard tube should be selected

The higher the degree of polymerization, the better the physical mechanical properties and heat resistance,

However, due to the poor fluidity of the resin, it is difficult to process the resin. Therefore, SG-5 resin with viscosity of (1.7 ~ 1.8) × 10-3 Pa? S is desirable.

Lead stabilizer is generally used for hard pipe, which has good thermal stability and ternary lead is commonly used, but its own smoothness is poor,

General and smooth excellent lead and barium fertilizers.

It is very important to select and use the smoother in the processing of hard tube,


Making the melt viscosity decrease is beneficial to the molding, and considering the smoothness, preventing the fusion from adhering to the molten iron, and making the appearance of the product bright.

Smooth inside is generally used for metal soaps, while smooth exterior uses low melting point wax

It is mainly filled with calcium carbonate and barium (barite powder). The performance of calcium carbonate outer tube is good,

However, if the dosage is too high, it will affect the pipeline performance, pressure pipeline and corrosion resistance, so it is unnecessary or less to use fillers.

Source: PVC profile manufacturer www.zhongshanlida.cn

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