Analysis on the defects of PVC profile manufacturer's production process

2020-12-17 471

PVC profiles are widely used and bring convenience to our life. Generally, when we choose PVC profile, we will go to the regular business to buy, this posture quality is more guaranteed. We should read the operation manual carefully before using PVC profile, so that there will be no problem in the application process, which will affect our work. Some time, due to our improper use of methods will form PVC profile can not be used normally, then what should we do?

First, the surface is not glossy: causes: poor plasticization, head temperature is too low; treatment method: forward body temperature, forward head temperature

2. There are particles on the surface of the hose: causes: improper resin screening or fisheye of the resin itself; treatment method: more careful screening of resin or conversion resin; 3. Pipe wall is not round: cause: extrusion temperature is too high, cooling conditions are not suitable; treatment methods: reduce processing temperature, adjust water volume and length of cooling tank

4. There are cloud flower, spot and rough surface on the surface

Causes: too high die temperature, die adhesive composition, too high temperature during start-up; methods: reduce the die temperature, clear the die, adjust the start-up temperature, and apply a layer of smooth agent to the head before starting


5. Blistering of surface pipes: causes: the temperature of the main engine is too high, and the semi waste products contain moisture; treatment method: reduce the temperature and dry the semi waste products

6. Material mark on the pipe wall: cause: impurities in the head, wound at the die and core die outlet; treatment method: clear the die, polish the die and core die

7. Weld lines

Causes: unreasonable structure of parting channel, too low temperature of die head, small shrinkage ratio of die head, too short setting length and too high temperature; treatment methods: improve the structure of diversion channel, forward head temperature, and improve head planning parameters

8. Too soft discharge and pipe sagging: cause: too high temperature control; treatment: lower temperature

9. Uneven thickness of pipes

Causes: the gap between barrel and screw is large, extrusion pulse phenomenon appears, shrinkage ratio of die head is too small, uneven feeding, abnormal traction speed

Treatment: the main engine should be overhauled, the head planning should be improved, the feeding system should be overhauled, the traction speed should be corrected, and the traction roller should be adjusted

Source: PVC profile manufacturer

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