Material advantages of plastic profile manufacturers

2020-12-17 454

Advantages of plastic profiles:

1. Thermal stabilizer:

Plastic profile is a heat sensitive plastic, so in the production and processing of plastic profile, thermal stabilizer is essential. The metal salt in the thermal stability agent can absorb HCl decomposed from PVC, so it can delay the decomposition speed of plastics and extend the decomposition time. Compound lead salts are used in the production of plastic profiles, which have high thermal stability efficiency and low price.

2. Lubricant:

The primary function of lubricant is to reduce the friction between polymer and processing equipment and between polymer internal molecules, avoid resin degradation caused by excessive friction heat, and improve the efficiency of thermal stabilizer.

3. Processing aids:

Processing aids is a kind of improved additives developed to improve the function of plastic molding and processing. The processing temperature of plastic profile is close to that of decomposition temperature, poor fluidity and easy to stick to the equipment for coking. Therefore, a certain amount of processing aids are required to overcome the defects of plastic profiles in the production of plastic profiles.


4. Photostabilizer:

Photostabilizers can suppress the reaction of photooxidation degradation of polymers by shielding and absorbing ultraviolet rays, quenching the excited energy and capturing free radicals, and then give the products excellent photostability effect and extend their service life.

5. Filler:

Filler is a kind of solid additive different from plastics in composition and structure, also known as filler. It has obvious effect and economic value for improving some physical and mechanical functions of plastics and reducing the cost of plastics. Adding fillers in the production formula of plastic profiles can reduce the size change rate of plastic profiles after heating, improve the impact strength, add rigidly, and reduce the production cost.

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