Plastic profile manufacturers talk about crystallization reasons

2020-12-17 444

Plastic profile is a very common product in our production, so let's talk about the reasons that affect the crystallization of thermoplastic plastics

1. Thermoplastics can be divided into crystalline plastics and amorphous plastics according to the fact that there is no crystallization during condensation.

The so-called crystallization phenomenon refers to the phenomenon that the molecules move independently and are completely in a disordered state from the melting state to the condensation state, and the molecules stop their free movement, press a slightly fixed position, and there is a tendency to make the molecular placement a regular model.


2. As a criterion for judging the appearance of these two types of plastics, it can be determined by the transparency of thick wall plastic parts. Generally, crystalline materials are opaque or semi transparent (such as POM) and amorphous materials are transparent (such as PMMA). But there are also exceptions, such as poly (tetramethylene) is a crystalline plastic with high transparency, ABS is amorphous but not transparent.

3. In mold design and selection of injection molding machine, attention should be paid to the amount of heat required for the material temperature to rise to the molding temperature, and the equipment with large plasticizing capacity should be used.

Source: plastic profile manufacturer

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